ACOR Kersulting is a consulting structural and civil engineering practice specialising in the delivery of high quality community, institutional, sporting, recreation and education buildings.

ACOR Kersulting has a people and project focus with the genesis of the practice evolving from the 36 years that Don Kerr spent as a consulting engineer and Director of Irwinconsult Pty Ltd.  From the establishment of Kersulting Pty Ltd in 2007, Don maintained a commitment to delivering high quality and innovative buildings.

Nathan Grigg joined Don in 2008 and was appointed as a Director in January 2009, expanding our loyal client base whilst maintaining Don’s approach of close personal attention to this day.  Damien Grant joined Nathan and Don in 2010 and was appointed as a Director in September 2016. Bonnie Burgess joined the team in 2015 to expand our civil engineering capability and was appointed as a Director in January 2017. Following Don’s passing in 2015, Nathan, Damien and Bonnie continued to drive the business with the ethos and methodology which formed the basis of Kersulting’s business.

In July 2017, Kersulting’s 31 staff joined ACOR Consultants to form ACOR Kersulting, now part of a group of more than 250 staff nationwide, offering services across all major engineering disciplines.

Our people and project focused practice is based on the philosophy of delivering projects by high levels of communication ensuring that a “whole of project” view, is taken but with particular emphasis on ensuring that the micro view is also understood and considered at the start of the project.

Kersulting has the required experience, capability and resources required for the delivery of a broad range of projects, together with a demonstrated pedigree for the delivery of projects of all scale, nature and complexity.

Our success is firmly founded on the level of service and the quality of the documentation that we provide to our clients. Our staff take professional pride in finding the ‘right’ engineering solution, based on developing an appreciation of the constraints applied and the expectations, needs and aspirations of our clients and the other consultant team members.

Referring to our project profiles and our clients will attest to the quality of the engineering services we deliver.  We would welcome reference to our current clients who, we believe, are the best judges of our performance.

Any successful consultant must have a loyal and long-standing client base. Our reputation for delivering our services in a planned and timely manner, from the initiation of the project through to the final contract documents and successful completion of construction phase, is a hallmark of our practice.