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Working With Melbourne Zoo

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Project Description

Kersulting has been independently engaged by Melbourne Zoo on a number of occasions to undertake inspections of the structural integrity of existing exhibits, structures and infrastructure throughout the Parkville site. In addition to this Kersulting have also been consulted to undertake the design of remediation works and expansion works to existing enclosures.

More recently Kersulting has been engaged to project manage some of the aforementioned projects. In effect this has meant that Kersulting has been able to provide a global and definitive response with regard to these projects, seeing them from an iterative and fluid design concept phase right through to managing and overseeing the final stages of construction of the Kersulting design solution.

Some of the individual projects that Kersulting have been involved with are as follows:

  • Refurbishment of the existing Butterfly House,
  • Design of a service road for the Growing Wild Exhibit,
  • Additions and alterations to Wild Seas Water Treatment Facility,
  • Expansion works to the Gibbon Enclosure,
  • Submerged bridge across the Lemur Enclosure Moat,
  • Structural review of Orangutan Enclosure,
  • Structural review of Vet Surgery Holding Areas,
  • Alterations to the  elevated Wild Sea Fish Tanks and Platforms,
  • Wild Sea Seal Tank Enclosure alterations,
  • Remedial works design for the Spider Monkey Enclosure,
  • Structural review of the Zoo’s existing welding workshop,
  • Structural assessment and remedial works design of the Zoo’s Heritage Listed perimeter wall,
  • Alterations and additions to the Post Mortem Room; and
  • Design of Predators Precinct Phase 1.